Disability Commission

Bihar government’s various departments such as the Department of Education , Social Welfare Department , SC / ST Welfare ,backward / most backward welfare department, Minority Welfare Department of Social Security pension , disability allowance as well as free bicycles for girls, students free education, dress reading and reading materials , scholarship relating to the various schemes being implemented .Accurate identification of beneficiaries for the successful implementation of these schemes, consolidated and centralized collection and processing of information associated with them , must share collected data set as needed.

Schemes operated by various departments according to their data set collection and the processing is done . But not identical data set is the reason of doubling the data collection process and it is a waste of resources available e-Labharthi to enforce objective of the computerized system so that vulnerable groups , women , disabled persons , widows , elders and youth benefited from government schemes can be . The computerized system of finance did the technical part of the state government and the National Information Center is looking at being driven Implementation of social security pension scheme by the Bihar government social welfare is in the state .

further operation is doing for Mukhyamantri cycle yojna and Mukhyamantri poshak yojna by the Bihar government education department. On the basis of this another department or SC / ST Welfare , BC / OBC department scholarship schemes for students of minority welfare department also operate .

The information will be based on mobile no, email address, bank account detail and voter ID number in centralized database of Beneficiary bank account. The beneficiary master database will be linked with various external systems, such as BPL list , socio – economic caste census and based on biometric identification system etc. With the help of this data set, various schemes amount to the bank accounts of beneficiaries will be sent directly,the role of the middlemen will be eliminated. Thus public funds under the scheme will be used to open new bank accounts , and where bank account is not available,will help there account opening. For the operations of e-Labharthi plan, the built in of district, block and block -level facilitation center, the region to develop software and hardware infrastructure, to ensure the availability of trained people in the region,hard copy data to digital form, the availability to the network connectivity is required. All of the above actions by the district administration to benefit will be directly related to the beneficiaries.



Social Security, Collectorate Building

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